DIY Film School
DIY Film School

How to make a great movie with limited resources


Learn the key aspects of the filmmaking process in order to make a high quality movie with limited resources. You'll have first hand information on what to do and what resources to use when you are producing this type of movie.

When you enroll in this program you'll get a DIY Study Package, a compilation of audios, texts and other study materials, produced and curated by Leonard Zelig and, producer and educator, Loló Bello.

The content of the DIY Study Package is:

Introductory chapters

  • Preparation and training in the art and craft of making movies.
  • The idea and development of a great movie made with limited resources.
  • The importance of a marketing concept to promote your movie.


 1 Finding the audience for the movie

2 Developing and funding the movie.

3 Finding the right people to work in the movie.

4 Pre producing the movie.

5 Shooting the movie.

6 Post producing the movie.

7 Distributing the movie

8 Learning from making the movie.

9 Case studies: Translúcido, Subhysteria & Bloodbath Test

10 Other study material and references.  

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